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A practice on graphic narrative. I created a set of square cards that could be pieced together at will and made into random stories. Although I hold my own explanation for each image, the cards could still be interpreted freely by every player.


-It can be you, me, them, it, anything, or a higher being. They can be used as characters in the story.-1.[You]2.[Me]3.[He/she/it]4.[Non-human presence]5.[God]


-The location in the story. This does not qualify a specific place but rather describes the feeling that a certain place brings.-1.[Big]2.[Small]3.[High]4.[Deep]5.[Civilization]


-A certain state. Used to describe the character's conditions.-1.[Move]2.[Static]3.[Success]4.[Failure]5.[Existence]


- What drives your character to act, or what the character is after. The composition of this group is all inspired by famous paintings.-1.[Desire]2.[Love]3.[Fear]4.[Glory]5.[Freedom]


-What mood your character goes through in the story. Because the eyes are great for expressing emotions, this group is all about the eyes. To be precise, it is the eyes of the idols of the various religions with corresponding temperaments.-1.[Joy]2.[Anger]3.[Sadness]4.[Pleasure]5.[None]

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